Brenna Anthonsdottir

Sworn Shieldmaiden


Dwarf Fighter – Martial Defender

Brenna’s signature is a large round-shield she keeps strapped to her back when not in use. Brenna is a wall and enemies must smash through her shield before they can touch her allies. Brenna’s weapon of choice is a large warhammer that she can use one or double-handed.

Brenna can use her athleticism and endurance to overcome most obstacles she faces.


Brenna is shieldmaiden to outcast noble Helka Gunnarsdottir. Brenna herself is of noble blood, but as sixth in line to a minor noble family, she was inevitably used as a pawn in dwarven politics. At the age of twenty, Brenna swore an oath to Helka when she was born, strengthening ties between the two houses.

Brenna continues to serve Helka and protects her on her travels round Khorvaire.

Brenna Anthonsdottir

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